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Shape the future of Succession Planning

Shape the future of Succession Planning
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For TM Managers and TM HRPs


Hello Talent Management professionals,

We have a unique opportunity for you to help us shape the future of Succession Planning. For those interested in Succession Planning, we want to hear your feedback so we can better improve our product.

Comment below if you’d like to get inside access into shaping the future of Succession Planning and we’ll reach out to you.


What is Succession Planning?

Succession planning is an integral part of strategic workforce planning, and refers to proactively managing talent to both address future capability while planning for possible risks. It focuses on identifying and developing a talent pool for critical / key roles across all organizational levels, aligned with current business goals and future needs.


Check it out:

With Succession Planning, you have access to an organizational view for business leaders, as well as a team view for managers. You can manually add successors if you choose, and calibrate your succession plan to be most tailored to you - either manually or with our calibration assistant. Our AI recommends potential successors by highlighting employees within the organization that are potentially a a good fit for the role. This recommendation is based on analyzing billions of data points over the years.



Leadership can review by position/incumbent, compare identified successors, add successors manually, and consider/review recommended successors by leveraging AI matching, adjacent skills, career path analysis, and role calibration:



Through Calibrated Succession Plans, you can incorporate “ideal candidates,” refine skills by proficiency, and view potential talent audiences and diversity pools:


Furthermore, you can create downloadable Talent Cards and embed process notes into plans/profiles.


We look forward to shaping the future of Succession Planning together.


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