Eightfold Talent Management Adoption

  • 10 August 2022
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Hello Everyone,

My name is Brad Cohen, and I’m a Senior HRIS Analyst at DICK’S Sporting Goods. I have responsibilities for administering a number of our talent applications.

For those using the Talent Management module of Eightfold, I’d love to get your perspective on a few things:

  1. ) What is working particularly well and what is working not so well in the Eightfold platform?
  2. ) Since Eightfold does not have all the components of a traditional TM suite (e.g., Talent Review, Development Planning, Performance Reviews, etc.) what tools or processes have you adopted to facilitate the free flow of data between Eightfold and your other systems?
  3. ) What product feature or request related to TM would you like to see developed next in the platform? For us it is development planning, but curious about others’ thoughts.

1 reply

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@brad.cohen - this is a great question. Since the Community is only 3 months old, we’re still working on getting more members in here so we can get more engagement.


I’m working with some of our team members to identify a few other Talent Management users who could jump in here and share. We’ll get some thoughts soon!