Posting Jobs to Job Boards - How to Configure XML Feeds

  • 12 July 2022
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Posting Jobs to Job Boards - How to Configure XML Feeds
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Hello Eightfold Community,


Eightfold can provide an XML feed that job boards use to pull jobs from your Personal Career Site (PCS) and display them on the local job search. We create customized feeds for LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor based on each of their specifications. Most smaller job boards accept LinkedIn’s XML feed format, so your jobs will also display on these sites as well using this XML feed. 


Eightfold job feeds are tailored to support the following job board specifications for XML schema:

Customers have also used the XML feeds from the above list to export jobs across several other job boards like DirectEmployers and eQuest. 

The XML feed can be enabled in Admin Console under Career Site & Referrals > SEO & Job Feed. uPlO3xn4S56M0uxKqrFZkCNJhlu-SNVms_uOdiRv1x7vAVIDBGJLJpJ8J6W-v0aoaQQaPWSqxjnG_fTPJQ70t41LgasZnaY-aXizHC1B8nEns43a3y3mT2Gf3smrNwcYwDC0GIVrLqnn95Y2dQ

Postings for Multiple Locations

We support multiple XML postings where there are multiple locations per job. This is supported for both LinkedIn and Indeed. 


When multiple listings per location are enabled, ALL locations specified for a position (those coming from the ATS and those entered into the calibration) will be listed in the XML feed as their own individual posting. Each job posting will display ONE location, all other variables remaining the same (including position ID). 


If multiple listings are not enabled, we will only pull in one location, and we will drop all others from the job post. 


Customers should let LinkedIn/Indeed know that they have multiple job postings enabled for Eightfold’s XML feed, so that LinkedIn/Indeed can make the necessary updates on their end to display all job postings from the XML feed. 


In order to enable multiple listings in Admin Console > Career Site XML Feeds, select the feed type (LinkedIn or Indeed), and then switch on the enabled switch (see screenshot below).


Filtering Jobs from the XML Feed. 

By default, we will include in the XML feed all jobs published to the career site. However, we also support the ability to filter out certain jobs from an XML feed (for example, positions which have certain visa restrictions). 


In order to filter out certain jobs in Admin Console > Career Site XML Feeds, select the feed type (LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor), and enter the Field Query (from SOLR, ex: {{position.to_dict()['ats_data']['custom_info']['immigrationjob']}}) to filter those positions. 


Note: Filtering out a job from the XML feed does not prevent it from being publicly visible and crawled from the career site. 


How to Configure Custom Fields

Eightfold XML job feeds can be configured with a custom mapping from position-specific fields to fields in the job feed specification. This allows customers to customize their XML feed to fit their specific needs. Customers can also override certain existing fields to point to different data points. For example, we have had a customer who needed to override company name to point to the shared parent company name, or others who wanted to override job type to point to “contract”. 


Custom fields in XML feed can only be configured if they are already being pulled into TA from the ATS. The XML field value or data path can be specified from a SOLR query (ex: {{position.ats_data.custom_info.immigrationjob}}). 


In order to set up custom fields in Admin Console > Career Site XML Feeds, select the feed type (LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor), enter the Field Name you’d like to see in the XML feed (ex: Visa Type, Job Type), and then enter the XML field value from SOLR, or the value you’d like to see overriding the existing field value. 


Multiple custom fields can be configured per feed type.



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Very well explained