Can I enable Apply with LinkedIn for candidates on PCS?

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Here is a link to the the Apply with LinkedIn feature for reference.


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Hello Eightfold Community,

By default, Eightfold does not integrate Personalized Career Site (PCS) with Apply with LinkedIn. This integration leads to a lower conversion rate and additional friction for both the candidate and recruiter experience. Some of these sources of friction include the following:

  • Information relevance

    • Populating a profile with LinkedIn data instead of using fuller resumes might result in worse matching, which limits the screening and assessment processes for recruiters.

    • Using resumes ensures that the recruiting team has the latest email and phone number.

    • LinkedIn profiles are usually optimized for the public display instead of job applications.

  • Application intent

    • Serious job seekers generally apply with their resume for a job; resume based applications can limit casual job seekers. 

    • For candidates who do not have a resume and need help in building it, Eightfold provides a four step guided process for building resumes and using them to apply for relevant jobs.

If your organization requires Apply with LinkedIn, your engagement manager can guide you through the LinkedIn API request process. If you can secure access to the relevant APIs from LinkedIn, Eightfold can then enable Apply with LinkedIn with your PCS instance.

If you have more technical questions, please contact Eightfold’s Support team.

Yes I would be very interested to know which Eightfold customer using the PCS has enabled this feature and what their own experience is.