Welcome to the new Eightfold Community! Introduce yourself.

  • 25 April 2022
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Welcome to the new Eightfold Community! Introduce yourself.
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Hello everyone and welcome to the new Eightfold Community!

We’d love to get to know you! Please introduce yourself in the comments below and let us know where in the world you’re chiming in from.


What can you expect in the new Eightfold Community?

The Eightfold Community exists to connect the people who elevate the world of talent. That means you.

This space is your central destination to connect with your peers, learn about Eightfold, discuss industry issues, and inspire one another.

Inside the new Community you’ll find:

  • Eightfold product discussion forums
  • Community groups
  • A “Product Ideas” board
  • Product Release Updates
  • Events
  • And more!


The Community is your one-stop shop to find everything Eightfold produces. Whether you’re looking to take courses through Eightfold University, view your open support cases, or check the status of the Eightfold app, you’ll be able to find all of that right here too. 

Throughout 2022, we’ll be launching even more impactful resources to help you and your team succeed… and yes… you’ll be able to find those here as well.


Why a new Community?

We didn’t build the Eightfold Community… you did. Over the last few years, many of you began building relationships with your peers, attending hackathons, joining roundtables, starting your own user groups, and more. We’re simply catching up to what you started.

We hope that with this new online Community, you’ll discover fresh relationships, get inspired by incredible humans, and learn the power of a Talent Intelligence Platform. We’ll also share about upcoming events, conferences, and future User Groups.

A Community isn’t a true Community unless you can be yourself. We welcome everyone’s authentic voice as we build an optimistic, honest, and future-oriented Community.

We’re excited to have you join. Here’s to finding the right career for everyone in the world, together.


Your Community Manager,

Alex Williams

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Hello, This is TaABISH from New Delhi- India. Am I the 1st one to comment here? Surprising😲

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Hi @TaABISH! Yes - you’re the first one to comment here! We just launched the Community so we’re still just getting started. So happy to have you in the Community. 


What would be the most valuable thing for you to have access to in the Community? Best practices? Demo videos? Product release? Let me know. Thanks!

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Hello @Alex Williams Of course Community of Practice is an important thing where we can look for all the things you mentioned plus a lot more, like expert’s guide etc.