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Product Ideas Overview

  • 25 April 2022
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Product Ideas Overview
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Introducing the Product Ideas Board!


NOTE: If your idea is urgent, please contact your CSM directly. The Community ideas board is for non-urgent ideas only.


What is it?

The Eightfold Community is excited to host a Community-members only feature that will give you the ability to post new Eightfold product ideas.



Community members who create an idea, vote on an idea, comment on an idea, or subscribe to an idea will be notified via email every time an idea’s development status is updated.


How to create an Idea:

We believe that some of the best product ideas for Eightfold’s future will come directly from you. If you have a feature request, click the “Create an idea” button and fill in the following details:

  • Idea Name
  • Idea Description (the more details the better)
  • Product Category
  • Tags (help categorize your idea a bit more so others can easily find it)


What Next?

Once an idea is created, it will be assigned a “New” status. Once an idea gains 3+ votes from 3+ different companies, the Eightfold Product team will review your idea. The idea will then shift to an “Under Review” status. After our Product team analyzes your idea, it will be assigned a new status based on their decision. See all statuses below:

  • New (New idea that hasn’t been reviewed by Eightfold’s Product team)
  • Under Review (Product is investigating the idea, the idea is pending leadership approval, the idea needs legal review, or the idea needs more details)
  • Accepted (Accepted by Product team to the roadmap)
  • Closed (Not considered by Product, Already Supported, Duplicate Idea, or No longer relevant. Sometime, “closed” refers to a custom enhancement request that was completed for one customer).
  • Released (Completed and live!)

During a status update, a comment will be added to the idea’s thread if the Product team needs more information or has other details to share.


Voting, Commenting, & Subscribing:

  • Voting: If you like an idea, please vote on it. Ideas with 3+ votes by 3+ different companies will be reviewed by the Eightfold Product team. It is important to understand that Product prioritizes an idea’s potential development based on its alignment with our Product roadmap and the scale of its impact (the more companies an idea benefits, the higher it is prioritized). For example: If an idea has 100 votes all from the same company, that idea will not be as prioritized as other ideas that are voted on by 3+ other companies. While votes matter, the scale of impact is more important for Product’s development prioritization.
  • Commenting: If you see an existing idea that you want, feel free to comment and add additional thoughts or details. Again, the more details an idea has, the better our team will be able to assess it.
  • Subscribing: If you want to stay informed on an idea’s development, click the “subscribe” button below the Idea. You’ll be emailed every time that idea’s status is updated.


Your Community Manager,

Alex Williams

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