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Community Groups Overview

  • 25 April 2022
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Community Groups Overview
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We’re excited to announce a new feature for the Eightfold Community: Community Groups!


What are they?

Community groups are online groups that connect people around a common identity. Are you a recruiter? Join the Recruiters group. Are you a TA Professional? Join the TA Professionals group. Attending Cultivate Europe? Join the Cultivate Europe group to connect with others attending the event. 


Public or Private?

Most groups are Public, but others are Private, meaning you’ll have to request to join the group in order to see its content and engage with its members.


What’s in a Community Group?

Every Community Group contains its own forum where group members can ask questions, share best practices, discuss industry trends, and post relevant content. As groups grow, we’ll look to launch official Community Meetings where members can get together (in-person or virtually) to network and connect with one another.


Group Categories

  • Groups are currently organized under the following categories:
  • Roles & Positions
  • Networking
  • Events 
  • Product

As new groups are created, more categories will be added to help you find the group you’re looking to join.


New Groups

Have an idea for a new Community Group? Comment your idea on this thread in the Community News channel and we’ll discuss the right timing to launch a new group.


Your Community Manage,

Alex Williams

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